Writing has been a developing passion since teenage years, inspired by a childhood filled with reading books. Long-term favourite works include Henry Williamson’s ‘Tarka’, various novels by Joyce Stranger including ‘One for Sorrow’ and ‘Breed of Giants’, and Ewan Clarkson’s ‘In the Shadow of the Falcon’ to name a few.

As with many of these works, my inspiration is drawn from the countryside, and the rural life and wildlife that form the fabric of the landscape. Changing seasons, experiences of nature,  and capturing moments in time, are re-occurring themes. My writing style is descriptive, with a large use of imagery; I use a mix of short and complex sentence structures, and include techniques such as alliteration and similes.
I enjoy exploring words and sentence structure, and have developed a poetic, flowing style.

The majority of my writing takes the form of prose, poetry and occasional short stories, but I also write some environmental articles and letters.

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