Disregarding the wind-on film, one-use disposable cameras that accompanied every holiday, school trip and day out as a young child, I first took to photography when approximately 12 years old. Progressing through a series of gradually larger and more complex cameras, photography, initially of nature but later expanding into gardens, landscapes and rural life, became a true passion and a focus for many a weekend journey or country-walk.

I now use Canon EOS SLR cameras; I have a 600D and an older 400D which I use with either a Sigma 25mm-135mm (Macro at 135mm) lens, or a Canon 100mm-400m lens. When not on a specific photography outing, I constantly carry a Samsung compact digital for those unexpected shots. I have also been known to take photos via my smart phone, although the those images are generally only put to use on social media rather than quality prints.


Most Recent images

A selection of my most recent photographic work

British Wildlife

A selection of photographs of British wildlife species, including mammals, reptiles & amphibians, birds, and invertebrates.
All due care taken to avoid disturbance of the subject, Album includes some images taken in captivity.

British Wildflowers

A selection of photographs of flora, taken in the British countryside and a variety of habitats and locations.

Glory of Gardens

Photographs of gardens and cultivated plants.

Rural Life

A selection of photographs of scenes from rural settings, including domestic and farm animals, country fairs, and rural activities.

Living Landscape

Photographs of landscape and scenery, from woodland and downland to coastal and heath. A variety of locations, including many taken in South Downs National Park.


 This page contains a list of albums which either explore a particular theme, or a favourite place.


Here you can view themed photo-montages, with accompanying soundtracks; either music or records natural sounds.

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